Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lunch / Advisory periods are a busy time for the library - I love it! 
I really enjoy seeing students choosing to come to the library to 
read, check books out, and do schoolwork.

Bill found his own reading place within the library today.  :) 
He is reading the first "Bone" book... that's what I'm reading right now too!

Library Love Poem

I've had a lot of fun the past two days working with Ms. Kathleen's drama classes doing some Slam Poetry!

Our warm-up activity was to write an acrostic poem... here is one that I wrote about [you guessed it!] -- the LIBRARY!

Beautiful books.
Really organized,
Rarely boring.
Yes, please!

If you write your own, original poem... please share it with me! I'd love to read it... and if your poem is about reading / the library / books / a favorite author, etcetera... I'd really like to post it to this blog too!  :)

-Miss Stacia

Monday, September 26, 2011

Create your own book blog!

I LOVED receiving an email from a student 
telling me that she has created her own book blog!

What a wonderful way to keep track of the books you have read.
I wish I had started keeping track of all the books I have read earlier. 
Years ago, I was doing so but lost the flashdrive
that I had saved them all to... 
a book blog is a fantastic, safe way to keep track this.

You can check out Jenny's book blog by clicking here
(Thanks so much for sharing Jenny!)