Sunday, August 26, 2012

Club READ!

Alright folks!...

It's that time... new after school clubs will be starting up and I'm excited to be offering a Club READ!  :D

…Calling all readers in the AIS middle school!

If you are a person who loves to lose yourself in a great book… this club is for YOU!

Have you heard of DEAR time? DEAR stands for Drop Everything And Read… and I plan to do just that in this after school club! 

We will have an hour each week dedicated to free read time. Read a novel; read about an interesting topic in our non-fiction section; continue reading your favorite Manga series; read a newspaper, magazine, or picture books! …Let’s come together, get comfy, and READ.

I’m open to hearing your ideas on how to make Club READ awesome! Together, let’s come up with ideas… whether we keep it simple or get creative… I’m open to your ideas and to what you want to make of our hour together each week. So far, I’m thinking -- let’s have big, comfy pillows made… get comfortable in the BEST room in school (the library!)… and READ. 

Maybe we also fund-raise for a wonderful literacy-based organization, such as Room to Read Vietnam… or we plaster the school’s walls with pictures and posters about reading! ...I’m looking for a group of students who want to relax and have fun each week!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Dot

Ms. Michelle read Peter Reynolds' book, Ish, with her class earlier in the week (a favorite story of mine!)... and the next day, I read another book of his, The Dot, to her 6th grade language arts classes (another favorite of mine!).

We have both of these picture books in the library if you would like to check them out! Each of these two stories is heartwarming, creative, and encouraging.   :)



7th grader, Leena, helped me as the photographer of many of the following photos! ...She really captured some great shots of students reading in the library  :)  ...Thanks Leena!

 (One of my favs, Susie!)

peace in the library

Ms. Winny and Kelly... library buddies  :)

the place to be!

It's really great to see the library filled with so many students 
during both lunch periods  :)

...Come on in!

1st week of school...

3rd week of school...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Library Orientations

Thank you to all of Ms. Michelle's language arts classes who came to the library yesterday for a library orientation and book checkout to begin the year!

(and thanks to Ms. Michelle for the photo!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If you are a dreamer...

When I was a student in elementary and middle school... I loved Shel Silverstein... a funny children's poet. He wrote poems and even did his own illustrations. (We should be getting some of his books in soon!)

One of my favorite quotes from Shel Silverstein is:

If you are a dreamer, come in...

(You may recognize that... as it hangs above the entrance of the library
in bright green letters.)

...And what a wonderful message for a library ...a house of thousands of books in one room! ...Books with stories that draw you into a new world... an old world... or a make believe world...  :)


summer reading in Hoi An

I went to Hoi An for a few days over the summer break while my mom was in town for a week!! It was a GREAT trip! 

Below are a couple fun photos of reading
that we spotted around Hoi An...

Thursday, August 9, 2012



Over the past few days, I keep saying to Ms. Elizabeth... "I can't wait for the students to get back!"

It's so nice to see everyone! ...And I look forward to meeting and getting to know the 6th graders, as well as students new to AIS!

Please feel free to come into the library as often as you'd like... read, do schoolwork, chat with Ms. Winny and myself, work on the 3rd puzzle ball!... or dance to the music!  :D